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Hunan Weiming Bio-tech Co., Ltd., following the cooperation agreement signed by Hunan Government and Peking University, is the core investment of Beijing Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd (Sinobioway) in Hunan Province. In 2011, it has gotten 84 million registered capital to regroup with the strategic alliance of Hunan Academy of Forestry, and gradually found a series of subsidiaries and the Advanced Science Park which covers around 100 hectares area. At present, Hunan Weiming Bio-tech Co., Ltd has successfully run these subsidiaries: Hunan Weiming Chuanglin Bio-energy Co., Ltd, Yunnan Shenyu New Energy Co., Ltd,Hunan Xiangya Sinobiway Health Management Co., Ltd,Sinobioway 3C Translational Medicine CO.,LTD,Shenzhen Huayu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,Hunan Weiming Insurance Agency CO.,LTD and so on. Taking the advantage of the opportunities and resources in Hunan Province, Hunan Weiming Bio-tech Co., Ltd is stably developing in bio-energy, health service and biological agriculture these three areas, integrating and exploiting the resource of human, technology, market and finance. Additionally, it typically concentrates on the research achievements transformation, manufacture, health service, distributive trade, logistics storage, investement and asset management, which are all making contribution to form the incorporate industry chain and strengthen the core competitiveness, desiring to become the comprehensive bio-technology company with the billion profits. ...

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